In addition to individual gifts patronages are a particularly important means of support for the Canisianum. With a patronage dioceses, religious orders, parishes or individuals declare their willingness to financially support a priest for the duration of his stay in the Canisianum. That means in a normal course of studies a commitment of 3 to 5 years. This will also be a time of cultivating a relationship between the student and his patron(s).

The amount of a full patronage for a year is € 8.000,00. This will cover just about half of the actual cost per student per year.There are also partial patronages whereby any amount can be regularly contributed. Patronages are used for the good of the entire community in the Canisianum.

If you have an interest in undertaking a patronage for a priest in the Canisianum and would like more detailed information, please contact the Rector.

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