Using an estate for a good cause

Many of our alumni and benefactors dedicate a portion of their estate to a good cause. In addition to an inheritance, there is also the possibility of bequeathing only individual assets, property or real estate from the entire inheritance estate. Because the Canisianum is registered as a public corporation, it can be the recipient of bequests. All bequests will entirely be put to good use. At present, there is no inheritance tax in Austria.

With a bequest to the Canisianum, you enable priests from all over the world to further their studies and benefit their homelands in the future. We guarantee that all bequests will be used exclusively for educational purposes and will benefit our students.

If you would like to leave an inheritance or part of your estate to the Canisianum, please contact the Rector. According to your request, he will get back to you in writing or in person.

Bank: Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol AG
Beneficiary: Collegium Canisianum
IBAN: AT88 3600 0000 0064 0524

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